Friday, June 11, 2010

You Capture ~ Fun

Well in a week that hasn't been that much fun with the whole house suffering with this rotten cold i thought it was going to be near on impossible to find a photo that i had taken this week to capture the theme of FUN.  But i did remember Nic creating mischief when i caught him jumping on my bed.  What little kid doesn't love jumping on their parents big bed. lol.... (even though we do have a trampoline.)

This other picture was taken in the bath the other night when i filled it up really high and put in lots of bubble bath, Nic had so much fun making bubble beards.  It is nice to get some photos of him.  I feel like lately i haven't taken any of him because he runs off and doesn't let me.. don't you just love the terrible two'
So you should head over to Beth's blog. I should be folding laundry and play along.


Audrey @ said...

Love the beard. ha ha ha...

Bec said...

Oh how I miss jumping on the bed!