Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Welcome Winter

You know winter is here when the kids start getting head colds.. Poor Nic has copped the first one in our house and i am pretty sure that Sam is getting a runny nose, so no doubt he'll be next.  I just hope they don't pass it onto Elise.  She needs to have her 8 week needles on Friday and she cant be sick.
He no longer has his dummy during the day (only when he goes to bed at night) but the poor thing looked so terrible when he asked i couldn't say
You can tell it is also the end of Autumn because all the leaves on this tree have turned from green to red / orange / brown and have nearly fallen off the tree... It is such a pretty tree and i have loved watching it change over the last couple of months as i drive out of my street!


suzitee said...

Awww...look at that poor little face. Hope he's feeling better soon (and it doesn't get passed around your whole family!)

Rach said...

He does look like he's suffering! Poor baby