Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Trip to the Farm

We went to visit Pierce'sFarm..
I have been telling Sam for ages that we would go and visit his little cousin pierce on his farm for ages and i finally got around to doing it. I am so glad i did, Sam just loved it and hasn't stopped talking about it for days.

On Tuesday, mum, Sam, Nic and I went for a drive to visit Kendra, pierce and Kaiden on the Farm.

Sam had an awesome, day playing with pierce and looking at all the tractors that his daddy drives. He saw some sheep, collected eggs from the chooks and played with Pierce's toys. It was such a gorgeous day with the weather, so it was a good drive up to Toodyay. here are some pics from the day..

Here is a picture of Sam and Nic playing on Pierce's tractor.. A boys gotta have his sand pit!!

Sam and Nic's cousins - Pierce ans Kaiden live on a really big farm in Bolgart, which is just out of

Toodyay. The views over the fields were amazing, gorgeous green.

Kaiden and Nic were quite happy to sit and watch the boys play all day!

We found a cute little orange tractor... The wind was soooo cold it made your nose run, not very nice for a photo.. ha ha ha

Sam was a little cautious getting in the huge blue tractor until mummy got in. Pierce on the other hand, wanted to start it up, he is very cute.

We went looking for sheep in the sheering sheds, but they are not sheering until next week. I think Sam was quite happy with that, he was a little unsure about having a sheep too close..

This is a cute photo of Sam taken after our walk around the farm, as you can see, the red dirt was very enjoyable..

Now this is just toooooooooo cute...

Kaiden and Sam were actually born to days apart and spent their first few days together in St john of god hospital together.

We went looking for eggs and found a few to collect.. Sam loved the chooks...

Sam can't wait to go back!!

It was a boy.....
Congratulations Carmen and Lincoln!!
My gorgeous friend Carmen gave birth to a cute little boy, Kade baker. he only weighed around 6pound something. (Not like my big boofas...) I went to visit her in hospital, you forget how small little babies are. He was too gorgeous. Carmen is doing really well at home and seems to have taken to motherhood like a pro.

This photo was taken at Carmen's baby shower i had at my house.
Nicholas / Samuel update...

Nicholas is not sitting up on his own, with a little assistance from a few pillows, has had a few stacks forward, but is getting better every day. He is now on 3 meals a day and is loving his food. He cries when the bowl is empty which is very cute. Still laughing and happy all the time..

Sam is still made about Thomas and Bob. God i am over watching these DVD's however his new favourite is Nemo, which isn't too bad. he loves playing with anyone who will play with him....Still talking heaps

Scrapbook pages...
here are a few scrapbook pages i have completed lately. Don't seem top have too much spare time at the moment to do to many, so my photos are definitely backing up, but still love doing it when I'm not to tired and can be bothered.

Tomorrow we are at home, have to do the boring house clean and washing!!