Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas has Been and Gone...

Well it has been an amazing week of Christmas Celebrations which all began on Sunday the 21st with our Family Christmas party at Kings Park.. My dad has a fairly big Family and it is such fun to get together with all our cousins.. The picnic had lots of fun games for the kids ( and adults...LOl) to partake in... The first was a Treasure hunt of Christmas baubles...
As you can see Sam found quite a few, and received a lolly snake for his finds..

Then it was onto the egg and Spoon race with the Christmas baubles.. Sam and I did pretty well..ha ha ha

Aunty Cath then organised some running races for the little ones.. Nic was so cute he was off and racing!!
His little cousin Kadien, who is nearly walking... Just sat on the ground and laughed while clapping his hands... It was priceless to watch

Dad and I then had a crack at the 3 legged race, and we were winning until our tinsel broke...Bugger ( we def. think it was sabotage...ha ha ha LOL...)

It was such a great day.. Can't wait for next year... Thank you so much to Aunty Cath for organising this years Picnic.. Here are some more photos from the day..

Christmas day started with the present opening, which Sam was totally into this year, he opened his and all of Nic's presents as well.. Luckily Nic was more interested in the paper..

We then went over the Mum and Dad's house for lunch. Mum had done such an amazing job

It was really special to spend Nic's first Christmas together..
I just love this photo of Mum and I..

Matt and Brett were so good and spent most of the day playing with the boys.. Poor Maggie was sick all day and Renee spent the day with her family.
Mum had made some Yummy Champagne cocktails with strawberries...
Lunch was just sensational.. Mum cooked some awesome food
There was a lot more prezzie opening and the boys were spoilt rotten..

Then after lunch it was outside to blow bubbles with uncle Brett -

It was a great day, and one of the best parts was when we were leaving mum's at 9.30pm that night Sam was still awake and we were able to drive around and show him some of the houses with Christmas lights.. He was very excited.

Our Christmas celebrations continued on Saturday 27th with a Picnic at Matilda Bay with Mum's side of the family. Sam once again had great fun swimming in the river and wouldn't get out of the water.. i don't have any photos from the picnic because it was just way to hard following Nic and Sam around at the same time...

Yesterday we finished our Christmas celebrations with Lunch at our House with all of Adam's Family. Once again it was another great day. I must say though, it is very stressful, organising Chrissy lunch for everyone.. especially when you want to make it really nice..
The Boys and Brendan got lots of great gifts from their aunties and uncles

How cute is this photo of Brendan sittng in his new trolley -
I made everyone where Christmas hats - which they were too impressed with...ha ha ha
This is a gorgeous photo of Adam's brother and sister, Claire and Damon..
I cooked so much food, that i am sure Adam and i will be eating the left overs for the next few days..
After lunch the boys went outside for a swim..
Brendan was not too sure about all the splashing.. It then turned into a great water fight between Adam and claire..
It was such a lovely day and everyone was very spoilt with great Secret Santa Gifts, lots of drinking and many laughs..
SO THAT'S IT..... What an amazing week!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells

Jingle all the way

Oh, what fun it is to ride on a one-horse open sleigh - Hey

You Must watch this video... It is very, very cute.. It is Sam learning to sing Jingle bells, with a bit of prompting from me!! You just have to give it a few moments to load up..

Carmen i will put my christmas carols up again later in the week... ( ha ha ah ah) You just can't hear him sing with them as well.!!!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow Dome

Today was 38 degrees in Perth so i thought i could cool you all down with these next photos...Ha ha ha ha.. LOL...
How cool is this... I bought this at Harvey Norman on Saturday.. It's a snow dome that you add your own photos to.. Sam thinks its pretty cool... or in his words." it's amazing.."

These are pictures of Nic..

Here is Sam in the dome..

We have had a pretty quiet weekend, I even got a 2hr sleep today, which was just heaven..
I also scrapped this afternoon and completed this page of Sam using some old photos of him learning to walk... was just trying to compare him and Nic.. I am really happy with how it turned out!!
Off to wrap Chrissy presents tonight..

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Scrap Challenge / Girls night out!

I have just completed the December sketch challenge over at Country paper craft. I have used the photo of Sam and Nic in their Christmas hats.
The title reads ..." Dear Santa, Leave presents BUT take my brother.."

I think it is exactly what Sam is thinking.. ha ha ha.
I worked Yesterday, which was great fun, I even closed up the shop on my own.. Whoo hooo!

Girls night out..

On Thursday night i went out to dinner which a really great bunch of Girls that i used to work with at St Brigid's in Middle Swan. I think it has been about 2 years ago we started up a Culture club, which means that every month we get together and do something that we wouldn't normally do and everyone has a turn of organising it for the group.

On Thursday Renae organised our Christmas Dinner at 150 East, which was just lovely.
We all had a secret Santa and received a lovely little gift.

I gave Alecia a new top and earrings to match!

This is Paula and My effort at a Selfie photo..ha ha ha.. Not bad!!

Sandy and Annaliese Paula, Emma and I

Lots and Lots of Chatter..

Carmen and I have a really gorgeous friendship!

Annemarie and Alecia have just had little babies and it was so good to spend the night with them chatting about Faith and Kaia.

Thank you girls for being in my life, It's funny how life changes so quickly for all of us, but we make sure we get together every month, for a few drinks a chat but most of all just being together!! You all mean the world to me and I love ya xx