Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Brett

Well it has been a pretty busy weekend. Brett and Maggie came down from Geraldton to celebrate his birthday. It was really lovely to see them. They are off to Sydney in 2 weeks time for the world youth conference. Which will be pretty amazing i think!


Here are some photos taken at mum and dad's yesterday at the catch-up. Mum put on a gorgeous morning tea, with lots of yummy things to eat!
Sam loves catching up with his auntie's and uncles...

Nic could be Matt's child - They look so similar... I think it's the blue eyes...

Uncle Brett love's his Nephews

The Love Boy's..

A Great photo of Dad, Matt and Brett..

AWWWWW... Sooo Cute, Grandad. xxx

Adam has flown out to Sydney this arvo for work.. he will be gone until Thurs night, so it' going to be an interesting week with the 2 boys...


It was very cute the other day, Sam jumped into Nic's cot with him and they were interacting with each other, which doesn't happened very often.. of course i had my camera there...( As my Dad says he thinks Sam and Nic are the most photographed children outside of Brad and Ange's kids... Ah HA Ha hA)



Kate and Brendan returned safely from England and sounds like they had a really lovely time catching up with Kate's extended family. Brendan had a pretty good flight home. She was very brave travelling with a baby on her own... ( I wouldn't of done it!!)

Clarie and Eamon fly in from Hawaii tomorrow night. The flight will probably be delayed by 4 hours because of the excess baggage they are bringing home... Lot of shopping!!!


Matt took some gorgeous photos of Adam , Nic and I the other day... It would of be even better if Sam would of sat on the couch, but he wouldn't!!!

Have a good week.! Thanks for looking!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Can you believe, it's been nearly a month!

Just Blink and Time flys by!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. I have no idea where the last month has gone. I have been really busy with the boys, and have also had some major catching up to do with mum and dad who returned from their trip very exhausted, but had an absolutely amazing time.

Ok what can i tell you??
Mum and Dad returned from the UK.
Claire and Eamon are in Hawaii, after travelling through, New York, Trinidad and Tobago
Mum, Dad, Liz and Derek have booked to go to Phuket ( very jealous)
Kate and Brendan are in England

Tan,Mark and the kids have been in Perth (Sam loved seeing Sarah and Ashleigh xx)
Sam is talking sooo much.. Keep looking for the off switch - can't seem to find it... ha ha ha
Nic is still rolling, eating solids and is getting bigger by the second
Adam is off to Sydney for work on Sunday for the week
Matt and Renee have a new couch..Ha ha ha
Had a great night with my friends, have drinks, dinner and watching sex in the city (Gold Lounge)
Nic is now on the Bottle.. Yippeeee.. The first Southern comfort and coke was heaven!!

Here are some updated photos of everyone..

Oh isn't he gorgeous.. I'm very biased i know!

SOLIDS.. MMM Yummy..

Here are some of the photos we took of Nic, trying his first bowl of rice cereal,didn't quite like it to begin with, but Geez, he can't get enough of it now, and opens his mouthy looking for more.
Cute Bath Photo....


Mum, Sam, Nic and I went for a ride on the trains the other day. I think it was one of Sam's greatest days yet. He absolutely loved it. Unfortunately we only went 3 stops to Joondalup shop, and Sam kept asking for more, So I think next trip we might need to travel to Mandurah! ( He is Thomas the Tank engine - mad at the moment!!)

Nic was a little cold waiting at the train station!

Sam was a little cautious to begin with, but them realised that he could see more if he stood up and looked out the window.

I have been pretty busy completing some scrapbook pages. I have joined a little forum on the computer.. Very nerdy i know, but it's great to talk to people who like doing what i like doing, and they give you great ideas for pages. Here a a few i've done lately


I entered this one down at my local scrapbook shop in their monthly challenge and i won.. Whoo hoo.. 20 bucks to spend in the shop! Was very excited..

Adam, Sam, Nic and I went to whiteman Park on the weekend, for a play. Sam had an awesome time, and thoroughly loved going on the BIG slide... I was a little nervous to begin with, but he seemed to be brave enough to do it on his own, so i guess i have to start letting go... and here's a picture!!

He looked So little up there...

He is growing up too quickly..

I was much happier when he was on the little slide..

Nic was quite happy to watch it all from his little seat..

Wow after all of that, no wonder i'm tired, we have been busy here!!