Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Creativity by Crystal Digital Quick pages

I have used 3 of Crystal Wilkerson's Quick pages from Creativity by Crystal to complete these layouts.  I love the simplicity of her pages and the colours she uses for her digi papers and embellishments are so vibrant and eye catching.  The great thing about quick pages is that all the thinking is done for you, all you have to do is add your photos :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Coffeeshop - Storybook Vintage Photo Action

The Coffeeshop blog has a new action to run in Photoshop elements, that gives your photos a soft vintage look. 

 I tried it out on a few of my older photos. The first is the original and the second photo is the action run over the photo.  I really love what it has done to the last photo.  It Changes the whole look of the photo and i think it looks heaps better.

 Storybook Vintage
 Storybook Vintage
 Storybook Vintage
 Storybook Vintage

Storybook Vintage ( this is my favourite )

Well it was going to happen it was only a matter of time.  Elise has got the chicken pox.  I knew she was going to get them from Sam because she hadn't been immunised yet ( wasn't old enough) and because it is so contagious. 
Here is the photo i put up as my 365 photo of the day showing the beginning of her spots .... She doesn't seem overly upset by them yet, so hopefully she will be ok. .. It is only the first day though...LOL!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cousins & a Digi layout.

It's not often that i can get the 5 "Sparkes" cousins together for a photo, and even still this is not the best of photos.. lol.. but cute none the less.  I love how Nic and Brendan are doing the same thing at either end of the line, like book ends.. ha ha  :)

I did this layout using the free JULY template off ChrissyW Digital blog. It was great to sit down and finally scrap some photos.  These were the photos i took of Sam at his very first Auskick game back in May.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Been so Long..

Hello Blog and anyone who still actually checks my blog.. ha ha ah
It has been so long since i have had the chance to sit down and try and add to it.  I find that my life is so crazy busy at the moment, that i try and make sure i at least, take my 365 photo of the day. ( if you click on the link you can check them out)
We have been sick with gastro, tonsillitis, chicken pox, coughs and colds that i feel like i'm on a never ending road trip to the chemist for antibiotics.. ha ha
Here are a couple of photos of the kids over the last month or so. 
Elise is as cute as ever at the moment and loves to play tea parties and dolls with all her toys.  She is still not sleeping very well, but i think the sickness that we have in the house at the moment is not helping.  She wasn't able to have the little surgery on her face because we aren't sure yet whether or not she is going to get the chicken pox from Sam.

Sam is growing up way to quickly.  He still loves his Auskick footy on the weekends.  He got a wonderful report for his first semester of pre-primary and his portfolio was full of wonderful work :).  He has had the chicken pox and a rotten cold with ear infections over the last month, poor little guy.

Nic loves going to his kindy on a Monday arvo.  He is collecting AFL footy cards at the moment and can tell you just about every single one he has.  He is still as cheeky as ever and loves climbing anything in sight as you can see from the photo below.. ha ha.   He still loves his DVD's his favourite at the moment is Kung-Fu panda :)
So hopefully i will try and get back to updating my blog more regularly.