Monday, September 29, 2008

The Last 2 Months


I figured the easiest way to catch up on things since i last posted would be to use photos and then once I'm up to date i can keep on top of it!
As I said yesterday it has been a very long winter... Both boys have had numerous colds. We also ended up at PMH twice with Nic. Once with a bout of croup, which we ended up having to stay in over night for observation ( very scary watching your little boy struggling to breathe..) and he also developed another breathing virus - Broncholitis. Fingers crossed we are over the worst of it all...

Ok let me think, what has happened since i last posted way back in July.

I turned 32... Arrgghhhhh

We went on a family holiday to Busselton, which was just amazing. We stayed at Mandalay Caravan Park ( brand new chalets). The boys loved the swimming pool and jumping pillow.. Adam and Sam went on lots of Bike rides.. I loved Seeing Tan and the kids, I do miss them heaps.. Sam was in Heaven spending 5 days with Sarah and Ashleigh.

Told you it was a great Holiday as you can see by the photos..

We also Celebrated Father's Day - Nicholas first day with his gorgeous Dad...

I Love this Photo..

4 of my closest friends have had their babies...

Carmen ( middle) had a gorgeous little boy KADE
Annmarie ( right ) had a little tiny girl FAITH

Alecia ( left ) is due anytime soon..

Amanda who is not in this photo had a Gorgeous litle boy - JACK.

Ok... the most the exciting and Personal thing that has happened to me is that i was offered a job down at my local scrap booking shop - Tomorrow's memories - teaching their beginners classes on a Saturday... and THEN they asked if i wanted to be on their Design Team which means that i get to play with all the new products and create pages for the shop... hopefully I'm doing a good job! I'm having a ball..Thanks ladies!!

Here are some pages i have completed lately.. Some for the shop and so just because..

Well there you go... That's only a small part of what has been going on.. Pretty busy.. More later in the week...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's been a Long Winter

Can you believe i have not posted since July. As my title of this post suggests it's been a looooooong winter. I am currently getting all my photos sorted out so that i can post them tomorrow and tell you all what has been going on..