Monday, September 29, 2008

The Last 2 Months


I figured the easiest way to catch up on things since i last posted would be to use photos and then once I'm up to date i can keep on top of it!
As I said yesterday it has been a very long winter... Both boys have had numerous colds. We also ended up at PMH twice with Nic. Once with a bout of croup, which we ended up having to stay in over night for observation ( very scary watching your little boy struggling to breathe..) and he also developed another breathing virus - Broncholitis. Fingers crossed we are over the worst of it all...

Ok let me think, what has happened since i last posted way back in July.

I turned 32... Arrgghhhhh

We went on a family holiday to Busselton, which was just amazing. We stayed at Mandalay Caravan Park ( brand new chalets). The boys loved the swimming pool and jumping pillow.. Adam and Sam went on lots of Bike rides.. I loved Seeing Tan and the kids, I do miss them heaps.. Sam was in Heaven spending 5 days with Sarah and Ashleigh.

Told you it was a great Holiday as you can see by the photos..

We also Celebrated Father's Day - Nicholas first day with his gorgeous Dad...

I Love this Photo..

4 of my closest friends have had their babies...

Carmen ( middle) had a gorgeous little boy KADE
Annmarie ( right ) had a little tiny girl FAITH

Alecia ( left ) is due anytime soon..

Amanda who is not in this photo had a Gorgeous litle boy - JACK.

Ok... the most the exciting and Personal thing that has happened to me is that i was offered a job down at my local scrap booking shop - Tomorrow's memories - teaching their beginners classes on a Saturday... and THEN they asked if i wanted to be on their Design Team which means that i get to play with all the new products and create pages for the shop... hopefully I'm doing a good job! I'm having a ball..Thanks ladies!!

Here are some pages i have completed lately.. Some for the shop and so just because..

Well there you go... That's only a small part of what has been going on.. Pretty busy.. More later in the week...


Vicki said...

We are delighted to have you join us at Tomorrow's Memories - you bring a load of enthusiasm and fun with you!!! The layouts you are creating are fantastic, keep up the great work! Vicki :-)

Jo Kay said...

We LOVE having you as part of the TM team Kris. Your work is exceptional and a joy to display in the shop!!!
Jo :)

Sonya Thair said...

Wow girl you've been busy hey!!

I love working with you, as Vicki said you're full of enthusiasm which is great to be around cos it rubs off onto people and helps them to achieve a goal that as a scrapbooker, you sometimes can't achieve when your in a shop like TM's. They just have to much nice stuff and its really hard to choose!!

Love all your LO too. See you at work and Welcome to TM's Design Team.