Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nanna's Cucumbers

Here is my layout for day 4.. Can't believe i am keeping up...
The journalling reads..." Today we went and picked the first cucumber out of Nanna’s veggie patch. She was growing them especially for Nic because he loves cucumbers a lot. You were very fascinated with the cucumber growing in the veggie patch and when Nanna cut it off the vine, you bit straight into it. I can see now that you know where Nanna has been growing her cucumbers you will be straight into them next time we are over her house."
I have a very busy weekend
- I am out for Adam's work dinner tonight
-We have my cousins little boys birthday tomorrow at the train park
- My other cousin and her kids are staying tomorrow night
-Adam had my brothers Bucks day at the Ascot races tomorrow
-Catching up with Adams family on Sunday
- No doubt the boys will want to swim in the pool over the weekend..
So i think i am going to need all of next week just to recover from this weekend. Hopefully i will get some great photos to share with you next week.

December Daily - Day 3

Today I did a layout of everything that I remember at Christmas time when i was a child.
I got some cute photos of Nic picking mum's first grown cucumber out of her Veggie patch today, that i will share with you tomorrow.

2nd December

Ok.. for my December Daily entry for the 2nd December, i went back through and found some photos of the boys over the last 4 years enjoying Christmas. This double layout turned out really good. I know Nic wasn't born in 2007, but he was in my tummy and was born a week later, so i figured that it could count.. ha ha!

December Daily - Digital Style

I have been taking part in the Jessica Sprague - Holidays in Hand December Daily. It was a free class that she is running throughout December. She has given us a Template to follow with some papers and other little embellishments to document all the things that happen in the month of December. This is the template that we were given to use if you wish. I have used it for my first few days, but i might change it just to mix it up soon.

I have nearly finished my Second day of December layout and I'll share that with you later.
We are spending the day at home today, it has been a really busy few days for the boys and me.

Wiggles Concert


Today Mum, Dad and I took the boys to the Wiggles concert. I was a little unsure as to how they would go because the last time we took Sam to the Circus, he was a little upset and didn't want to stay... BUT...

He loved the Wiggles Concert.... He sang his heart out and danced and clapped.. I am pretty sure Nic liked it as well, he just sat and watch the singing and dancing.

Sam waving to the Wiggles when they arrived...

Grandad getting into the swing of things... ha ha..

They both got a little tired towards the end and we left about 10 minutes early, but it was a small bonus because then we didn't get caught in all the traffic..
I hope this works.. if you can, try and watch the video of Sam singing his heart out with his new microphone that lights up...!! ( you might just need to give it a chance to load up..)


I have no idea what is going on with my computer at the moment.. For some reason i can't seem to be able to read the posts that i have written lately.. Hopefully what ever little bug my computer has picked up will be gone soon..

Santa's Little Elves

I bribed the boys with some chocolate today, to sit and have a couple of photos for me with their Santa Hats on.. It worked a treat... ha ha ha... I got some really beautiful shots, i had to scrap them straight away, that's the beauty of Digital scrapping, you don't have to make a mess!!

Here are the photos in a bigger size so you can see them..

Digi Layouts / Cooking / Funny photos of Nic

Here are a couple of digi layouts i have done lately.. The first 2 are using the same template but different papers and embellishments.. I love how you can use the same template ( sketch) but the layout can look totally different.

This one is using the photo of me at 20 weeks.. I don't think i have ever scrapped in purple before..

Ok the other day Sam and I decided to bake some biscuits.. So i want you to imagine nice shortbread coloured choc chip biscuits.... ha ha ha.. Now have a look at what happens when you forget that the timer on the oven has gone off and the next thing you smell is burning.. I def. wont be the next Master chef.. Lucky this was the last batch and we had cooked 2 more before these ones that turned out ok..

Have to share a couple of funny photos of Nic with you.. His latest when he doesn't get his way it to throw his hands over his face and cry..

Not Quite sure how the finger ended up in his nose.. ha ha

Hope you are having a good weekend.. !

Monday, November 16, 2009

Photo Update and Lunch out with the Girls..

Well I spent the day on Sunday out to Lunch with my girlfriends from Uni. Kelly ( purple top) celebrated her birthday yesterday and is also heading away up to Darwin next year for work so she decided to splurge and have a day out in a Limo and then move onto Sitella winery in the Swan Valley for Lunch. It was such a lovely day and the weather was perfect!

This is the black Hummer we were in for the couple of hours before lunch. It was a a lot of fun.

This is a photo of Deb and me ( not a bad selfie i took... lol)

The Hummer even had Karaoke.. which was quite funny!!

Can you tell I am going to be the next Australian Idol.. ha ha ha... ( NOT...)
It was a bit sad when i was the only one not drinking and this is the shocking photo of me... lol...

Kel and Rach having their go at Karaoke..

Our friend Bianca was able to make the trip from Bunbury for the day and it was so lovely to catch up with her as well. It has been too long.. With us all have kids now, it is sometimes hard to try and catch up more often.

Sitella Winery was just beautiful, as always!!.. I did manage to have one glass of wine with ,y lunch which was very enjoyable!

PHOTO UPDATE - Here is a photo of my belly at 20 weeks.. Not too much to show just yet..

I just love this photo I took of the boys last week.. It has to be my new favourite i think.. They are way too cute xx

Monday, November 9, 2009

It's a Girl..

Well we are very excited to say we are having a PINK one.... Adam and I went off to the scan today, very nervous but excited at the same time. Deep down i was hoping for a girl but i was too scared to wish for it.. when the lady told us we were having a princess, I cried and I'm sure i saw a little tear in Adam's eye.. ha ha ( Don't tell him i told you..!!)

This is a view of the top of the head..
This is the leg..
I think this one is my favourite.. t is picture of her little feet.. ( wow feels weird to type the word her.. lol)
Her little face peeking through..
and this is a gorgeous 3D shot of the side of her face with her little hand..
I think I am going to be on cloud nine all day!! Thanks to everyone who has been so excited for us xx..
( Did you notice I have changed my blog to PINK... ha ha... thought i might have to get used to this colour..)