Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wiggles Concert


Today Mum, Dad and I took the boys to the Wiggles concert. I was a little unsure as to how they would go because the last time we took Sam to the Circus, he was a little upset and didn't want to stay... BUT...

He loved the Wiggles Concert.... He sang his heart out and danced and clapped.. I am pretty sure Nic liked it as well, he just sat and watch the singing and dancing.

Sam waving to the Wiggles when they arrived...

Grandad getting into the swing of things... ha ha..

They both got a little tired towards the end and we left about 10 minutes early, but it was a small bonus because then we didn't get caught in all the traffic..
I hope this works.. if you can, try and watch the video of Sam singing his heart out with his new microphone that lights up...!! ( you might just need to give it a chance to load up..)

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