Monday, November 16, 2009

Photo Update and Lunch out with the Girls..

Well I spent the day on Sunday out to Lunch with my girlfriends from Uni. Kelly ( purple top) celebrated her birthday yesterday and is also heading away up to Darwin next year for work so she decided to splurge and have a day out in a Limo and then move onto Sitella winery in the Swan Valley for Lunch. It was such a lovely day and the weather was perfect!

This is the black Hummer we were in for the couple of hours before lunch. It was a a lot of fun.

This is a photo of Deb and me ( not a bad selfie i took... lol)

The Hummer even had Karaoke.. which was quite funny!!

Can you tell I am going to be the next Australian Idol.. ha ha ha... ( NOT...)
It was a bit sad when i was the only one not drinking and this is the shocking photo of me... lol...

Kel and Rach having their go at Karaoke..

Our friend Bianca was able to make the trip from Bunbury for the day and it was so lovely to catch up with her as well. It has been too long.. With us all have kids now, it is sometimes hard to try and catch up more often.

Sitella Winery was just beautiful, as always!!.. I did manage to have one glass of wine with ,y lunch which was very enjoyable!

PHOTO UPDATE - Here is a photo of my belly at 20 weeks.. Not too much to show just yet..

I just love this photo I took of the boys last week.. It has to be my new favourite i think.. They are way too cute xx

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