Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nanna's Cucumbers

Here is my layout for day 4.. Can't believe i am keeping up...
The journalling reads..." Today we went and picked the first cucumber out of Nanna’s veggie patch. She was growing them especially for Nic because he loves cucumbers a lot. You were very fascinated with the cucumber growing in the veggie patch and when Nanna cut it off the vine, you bit straight into it. I can see now that you know where Nanna has been growing her cucumbers you will be straight into them next time we are over her house."
I have a very busy weekend
- I am out for Adam's work dinner tonight
-We have my cousins little boys birthday tomorrow at the train park
- My other cousin and her kids are staying tomorrow night
-Adam had my brothers Bucks day at the Ascot races tomorrow
-Catching up with Adams family on Sunday
- No doubt the boys will want to swim in the pool over the weekend..
So i think i am going to need all of next week just to recover from this weekend. Hopefully i will get some great photos to share with you next week.

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