Sunday, November 22, 2009

Digi Layouts / Cooking / Funny photos of Nic

Here are a couple of digi layouts i have done lately.. The first 2 are using the same template but different papers and embellishments.. I love how you can use the same template ( sketch) but the layout can look totally different.

This one is using the photo of me at 20 weeks.. I don't think i have ever scrapped in purple before..

Ok the other day Sam and I decided to bake some biscuits.. So i want you to imagine nice shortbread coloured choc chip biscuits.... ha ha ha.. Now have a look at what happens when you forget that the timer on the oven has gone off and the next thing you smell is burning.. I def. wont be the next Master chef.. Lucky this was the last batch and we had cooked 2 more before these ones that turned out ok..

Have to share a couple of funny photos of Nic with you.. His latest when he doesn't get his way it to throw his hands over his face and cry..

Not Quite sure how the finger ended up in his nose.. ha ha

Hope you are having a good weekend.. !

1 comment:

Tracey said...

love the burnt bit, don't worry you can sit on the couch with me during Master Chef. I think its probably much safer if we sit there LOL.
love me :-)