Sunday, March 22, 2009

What a Fantastic Day!

Well it was a fantastic day yesterday, Sam turned 3. Adam had been building him a swing for his birthday, and he absolutely loved it. The surprise on his face, was priceless. The only problem is now someone has to push him all the time..LOL..

he also got a couple of other things to open in the morning.

I had 2 cakes yesterday, because we had not yet celebrated Nic's birthday with a cake. When he turned one back in January I ended up with gastro and we had to cancel his birthday. So yesterday we were able to sing him happy Birthday as well, with all the Family. His Grandma made the Humpty Dumpty to sit on top of the cake..He is very cute!!

He loved eating the Cake!!

All Sam wanted for His birthday was a Kung Fu Panda Birthday Cake. So I was able to buy some figurines off ebay and put them around his cake.. He loved it..The smile on his face when he saw it, made it all worthwhile!!

It was such a great day with all the Family.

We even had our own game of Pass the parcel.

Birthdays over for another Year.. Until mine in July!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Look who is Turning 3 tomorrow!

He is at that age where he can understand it now.. and is getting excited, It is very cute to watch!

Wish me Luck today... I am off to make his birthday cake!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

There goes his Curls...

Well... Nanna and Grandma, his curls are
Yesterday I took Nic for his first haircut. he looks like a real little boy now, and I think looks very cute.

He was pretty good at the hairdressers..
I have got a rotten cold / chest thing going on at the moment.. So I am hoping to feel better before tomorrow.. I have to cook a Kung-Fu Panda cake for Sam's birthday on Saturday.
Have a good Day!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I have actually completed my first ever set of ATC's.
They are using photos of my Grandparent's and Great grandparent's on both sides.
They are a lot of fun.
I am going to store them in the Memory box.

I also made a clock for Sam using photos of his Thomas trains. He is always asking me, what number is on the clock - which means " What's the time on the clock.."
Hope you have had a great Weekend, whatever you did..
( Hey Jo - you should see my layout.. It looks awesome..ha ha ha)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cheeky Monkey

How is anyone supposed to get anything done with this little cheeky monkey under my counter desk..??

Don't you just love the toothbrush hanging out of his mouth.. Let's just say he is a bit attached to it at the moment and he MUST have the cleanest teeth going around!!

Have finished a new Twiddleybitz shadow box for the shop. Really happy with how it turned out.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Will I always be this busy??

I must say, my life seems soooooo hectic at the moment, I guess two little boys will do that to you..LOL
I worked Friday night down at the moonlight crop. then headed back on Saturday, for a new month of beginners classes. I started off with 4-5 ladies and by the beginning of the lesso we had 8. So it was a nice big class, but I think all the ladies had a great time. On Saturday night we had Brett and Maggie's engagement party, which was a lot of fun. Then on Sunday we went back to their house to have left overs and celebrate Maggie's 30th. The boys came and had a swim, which was a lot of fun. Here are some photos from the engagement party..

I am Teaching a class tonight down at Tomorrow's Memories..."Timeless".