Sunday, March 22, 2009

What a Fantastic Day!

Well it was a fantastic day yesterday, Sam turned 3. Adam had been building him a swing for his birthday, and he absolutely loved it. The surprise on his face, was priceless. The only problem is now someone has to push him all the time..LOL..

he also got a couple of other things to open in the morning.

I had 2 cakes yesterday, because we had not yet celebrated Nic's birthday with a cake. When he turned one back in January I ended up with gastro and we had to cancel his birthday. So yesterday we were able to sing him happy Birthday as well, with all the Family. His Grandma made the Humpty Dumpty to sit on top of the cake..He is very cute!!

He loved eating the Cake!!

All Sam wanted for His birthday was a Kung Fu Panda Birthday Cake. So I was able to buy some figurines off ebay and put them around his cake.. He loved it..The smile on his face when he saw it, made it all worthwhile!!

It was such a great day with all the Family.

We even had our own game of Pass the parcel.

Birthdays over for another Year.. Until mine in July!!


Ange said...

Happy birthday little Sam! that swing set looks awesome! what is the green stuff at the bottom of the photo! is that.....grass!??? can't remember what THAT looks like!lol. Both the cakes look fantastic. My kids are too old for those cakes but I used to love making them. Hope his day was full of fun & prezzies. Nice blog Kris! love that shadow box.....might have to scraplift that......see ya xxx

Heike said...

Happy birthday, Sam. Looks like it was a great day. Both the cakes looked fabulous!

Melleny Ams said...

Happy Birthday Sam. It looks like you have a fantatic day. Great photos Mum!!

Vicki said...

Looks like the celebrations were a huge success!!! I love the cakes!
Hope you are all feeling better now,
Vicki x

Mrs Frizz said...

Happy birthday Sam ... and how colour co-ordinated were you for your Mum in your pj's swinging on your new swing set.

Awesome birthday cakes, both of them.

Sonya Thair said...

Wow he's so cute. Happy birthday mate!

I'm glad the day was a success for you girly. After your last birthday (Nic's that is. The swing set is awesome!

Take care

Vicki said... there anyone out there???

I have missed seeing you at the shop and reading your blog updates!!

Hope to see you soon...Vicki x