Monday, March 2, 2009

Long Weekend

Well it has been a pretty full on long weekend, but lots of fun. it started on Friday when Mum, Dad, uncle Matt and I took the boys on the train down to freo for lunch, where we met Adam. It was such a great day!
Sam just loves going on trains and dad would take him to watch them near there house, so it was great to see them having a ball on the train..( even though Sam had had enough after 3 stations..LOL)

Look at all those teeth..ha ha ha

Uncle Matt has such a great day with the boys, it will be sad to see him go back to work...ha ha..

The boys loved the park with slides and swings!

Such a beautiful photo of my Mum xx

Lovely photos of me with my boys..

Uncle Matt should not of been doing this with his sore shoulder.. Look at Sam's face in the picture..He thought it was great seeing uncle Matt being a monkey..

Sam loved his chips..
My boys are starting to look quite different now.
We then spent the afternoon at the freo beach so the boys could have a quick swim..

I Love this photo..Look at their legs!
Then on Saturday our good friends Deb and Kim came over for a BBQ and Sam loved playing with Kaleb and Teesh

On Sunday Adam started building the swing~set we are giving Sam for his 3rd birthday (photos to show later). Then Lizzy and Derek came over for dinner. Liz gave the boys each a gorgeous quilt that she has been working on. Sam's has tools on it and Nic's has trucks. Thank you Lizzy they are truly amazing and the boys are so lucky.
It was so gorgeous to see the boys and Adam working outside today..
Poor Sam walked into one of the clamps and grazed the side of his face.
My Gosh, no wonder I am tired, that was a busy weekend and the week is not much better!

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suzitee said...

Love those quilts Kris...your boys are very lucky! Glad you had an action packed weekend...great photo ops with that new camera, and love the ones with you and your boys.
Is that a pink blog background?????