Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lots of Scrappy Things

Over at 3 Angels Scrapping i have signed up for their university course. I am having so much fun doing heaps of different activities.. and might i say, some of them are taking me out of my comfort zone. So basically each subject has posted a different challenge for us to complete, here are some i have done so far..
ART - we had to make a paper bag album for a specific purpose. Mine was to house all the great photos i take each month as well as any info or tips I find to help me use my new camera.

BUSINESS - We had to make a Business card. I made mine using Photoshop elements and then made a little holder to put them in.

PSYCHOLOGY - We had to do an online quiz which when our answers were calculated it told us what type of a person we are. It is amazing how true it was. Mine said that I was a realist, which is pretty close to me. We then had to do this in a monochromatic layout.

For the second part we had to scrap a layout based on our Star Sign -Cancer, and whether or not we are true to that star sign.. I said yes i was..

SPORT - We had to complete a layout based on a sporting event, that included some memorabilia. So i used the photos of me, involved in a Dragon Boat race about 12 years ago when i spent 6 months in Broome. My memorabilia id the fact that we won the event and had out photo in the newspaper.

Science - Science is in 2 parts. The first one is a wall layout using a flora or fauna object. So i used Butterflies.

The second required us to take photos with a science base, which will then be placed in a bound book. here are the photos i am going to use.

There is lots more to show you, but i'll do that over the next couple of day..Stay tuned.. we have about a week and a half to go!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fisheries Discovery Centre

Yesterday mum and I took the boys down to the Marina to have a look at the Fisheries Discovery centre they have down there. It was really great. It only cost $7 for mum and I and the boys were free.
There was a lot of interactive things for Sam to do.

Lots of Fish to look at.
He loved the Sea horses..

.. and the sharks
They also got a chance to look at and touch the things in the touch pool.. Well Nic touched them but we couldn't convince Sam.. LOL

I love this photo.. it looks like they are about to get up to no good..

Sam got to colour and make a Badge.. He thought that was pretty good.

We even found Nemo..
There were lots of interactive touch screens.
I like the scales, which you stood on and it tells you how much you weigh into comparison with abalone, herring and Dhu fish..

Of course whatever Sam does, Nic has to do too..LOL..

We all had a great time.. Thanks to Nanna for buy the boys the sea animals.. Sam loves them xx

Monday, February 23, 2009

My 3 Angels

I wrote this a while ago and i finally got around to scrapping it today. It is about my experience having 3 miscarriages. The colours don't look that great in the photo, but it is actually a lemon -yellowy colour. It looks better in real life. Some of you may have already read this.
The Journaling reads...

My 3 Angels..

People often say that the day their children were born is one of the best days of their lives and I would have to agree. But to Adam and I, it meant so much more.

This is the story that I want to tell about my 3 angels.

I first fell pregnant in 2004. Not knowing what to expect Adam and I were very excited. We found an obstetrician
( Dr Love ) and booked our first appointment for the time that I would be 10 weeks. I didn’t feel overly sick during the first few weeks and just considered myself lucky. The morning of our appointment arrived. Adam took the morning off work, to come with me. While waiting for our turn to go in, I was getting very excited that I was going to see our little baby on the screen. Dr Love, began the ultrasound, and a look of concern came across his face. I was also looking at the screen, hoping to see something…. Dr Love then, explained to us that he was terribly sorry, but the foetus was there, but there was no heartbeat. I had miscarried. My heart sank. What did this mean… WHY?... From that moment on, I don’t think I heard much more about what Dr Love was saying, I think I just went into auto-mode. The foetus had not miscarried by itself and I was to be booked in for a D&C the next morning. At the time I didn’t cry, I think I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to feel, how was I supposed to react???
Adam and I drove home pretty quietly. As we drove home I became quite teary. How was I going to explain this to my family and friends, they were all waiting in anticipation for me to ring and tell them the good news. When I rang Mum, it was then that I broke down and cried. I was sad. Sad for me, sad for Adam, sad for us. Over time, I was able to get through it and we continued with our lives. I would fall pregnant again, tests showed that it was a chromosomal defect and the foetus would not have survived anyway.
She was a little girl.

It was in 2005 that I fell pregnant again. I was worried from the very beginning, but everyone kept telling me, you’ll be fine, everything will be fine. But I couldn’t convince myself. I think it was my way of protecting my self from being hurt again. Dr Love booked me in for an earlier scan, at about 8 and a half weeks. Adam and I had made the decision that we would tell our family and friends, that I was pregnant again because should anything go wrong, I wanted their support.
The scan went really well, there was a heart beat and the baby looked fine.

The relief was so overwhelming. Adam and I were going to be parents. I think, because I thought that everything would be fine, Adam didn’t come to my 10 week scan. Dr Love, began the scan and as soon as he placed the ultrasound onto my stomach I knew that there was no heart beat. The foetus was not the size that it should be at 10 weeks. It had not grown, from the size it was a couple of days after the first scan I had. Here I was again in the same situation, but I was Alone…. I rang Adam and he came. How can this be happening, surely it couldn’t happen again to us. I was to have another D&C the next day.
Adam was hit hard by this miscarriage. He found it quite difficult. He was there to support me, but I knew he was hurting to. I think I was ok, because I was protecting my self from the very beginning. I couldn’t convince myself that it would be ok until I was 12 weeks, and I was right. Tests showed that it was another chromosomal defect. Dr Love kept saying, unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do. It’s just nature.
She was another little girl.

People kept saying…”oh it’s for the best”… they obviously didn’t know how I was feeling. I know they were only trying to say the right thing, but it hurt. I was sad, I was angry but most of all. I was disappointed. Why me??

I knew I wanted kids and with Adam’s support, we tried again. Sam was born in 2006. He was our first special little man.

It was in 2007, that I suffered my third miscarriage. I think this one hurt the most, because we had Sam and knew how precious these little babies were. It was like De ja’vu. Everything was the same. I had an early scan that showed there was no heart beat. The foetus had not miscarried naturally, so I was to have a 3rd D& C the following morning.
He was a little boy.

In January 2008, Nic was born. He is our second gorgeous little man.

We will hopefully have more children, god willing. And whatever happens, I know that I have the most wonderful husband in the world, 2 gorgeous boys and an amazing extended family that love us and will be there for us.

My wish is that My 3 Angels, have been blessed to another Family who needs them.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Here is my latest effort at Photoshop!

I have been learning how to add actions to your photo shop elements 6 program. Basically what it does is adjust your photo with the touch of one button instead of heaps of changes.

I took this photo of Sam on the weekend and then added the Honey retro action to it and it just looks stunning..I think..
This is the Original
Then hey Presto....
I have also been doing a bit of scrapping but it is for classes , so i can't show you just yet!
Hope you had a great weekend..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Digital Scrapping

I have been trying to learn a few new tricks with my Photo shop elements 6 Program. This is a photo I took of Adam teaching Sam how to fish on our holiday to Kalbarri last year. I have muted the colours a little, added a frame and then a title.. it is so overwhelming and i have so much more to learn about photo shop - BUT I'm getting there!
The next photo is one of Sam, where i changed it to black and white, cropped it and then i turned the angle of the photo as well.

This is the original.

Here is the cropped, converted to black and white and angled photo!
The last photo is of Nic and I last year in Bussleton. I haved cropped the photo and then enhanced the colours. It's amazing how grey and dull the first photo looks.
Still have a lot to learn, as Nic looks very glowing...LOL.. but it's a start!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Been Scrapping..

Have used Country Papercraft's February Designer kit to scrap up a storm this weekend..
I just love this photo of Mum and Sam.
This is a photo of Sam, around the time that Nic was born. I just love this song by Bob Dylan. My dad used it in his speech at my wedding.
I have kept this layout pretty simple because i wanted the focus on the photo...
Another very busy weekend and week ahead..

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I just love my new camera. Check out this photo i took yesterday with it..

Monday, February 2, 2009

Aussie 12 Hr Scrap

On Saturday, Tomorrow's Memories had their first 12 hr scrap for the year. It was an Aussie themed day and everyone was asked to get into the spirit of the day by wearing something Aussie and/or decorating a pair of Aussie thongs.
Evana and I worked from 4 - 10.30pm, which was a lot of fun.
Here is Evana, Vicki and myself..( Check out how short i am...)
I decorated my thongs with lots of different coloured ribbons. I thought they looked pretty cool.
Here are some of the ladies that put in a super effort all day and made the 12 hr scrap such a great day..
Sonya and Leah Lennie and Sue Tracey and Amanda Meredith and Penny.
Amanda and Maureen
The " Decorate your thong" Competition was a lot of fun. here are some of the entries.
The competition was won by Penny who decorated here Thongs " A home among the gum trees" and the Sydney Harbour bridge! Sensational is a ll I can.. Congrats Penny..
There was lots of Prize give-away on the day with quizzes and games.
We had Pizzas delivered for dinner which went down a treat..
Evana being the talented lady that she is, did a few show~n~tells using different products in the shop, which many of the ladies enjoyed and learnt a few handy tips and techniques.
Evana and I had such a great night. There were many laughs and giggles. We decided that we would make some L plates and wear them just in case anything went wrong. We decided that we were covered and couldn't get into trouble..
We had even practised our sad faces in case we had to go to the bosses and tell them that things went bad or the till didn't balance for the night...( Thank God it did..)
Thank you to the lovely Sonya who helped me during the night and stayed behind at the end with Evana and I. We really appreciated it!
It was such a huge success and I would definitely recommend you put your name down for the next one in May.