Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fisheries Discovery Centre

Yesterday mum and I took the boys down to the Marina to have a look at the Fisheries Discovery centre they have down there. It was really great. It only cost $7 for mum and I and the boys were free.
There was a lot of interactive things for Sam to do.

Lots of Fish to look at.
He loved the Sea horses..

.. and the sharks
They also got a chance to look at and touch the things in the touch pool.. Well Nic touched them but we couldn't convince Sam.. LOL

I love this photo.. it looks like they are about to get up to no good..

Sam got to colour and make a Badge.. He thought that was pretty good.

We even found Nemo..
There were lots of interactive touch screens.
I like the scales, which you stood on and it tells you how much you weigh into comparison with abalone, herring and Dhu fish..

Of course whatever Sam does, Nic has to do too..LOL..

We all had a great time.. Thanks to Nanna for buy the boys the sea animals.. Sam loves them xx

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