Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Magical Corner ~ 3 Months on....

I am hoping that what people say is going to happen.  Everyone has been telling me, when she turns 3 months, you'll be amazed she will turn the corner and will get easier.  ha ha

I am telling you if she doesn't find that magical corner soon i am seriously getting off this road and finding another

The road i have been travelling on for the last 3months has probably been one of the longest and hardest i have

 I feel for the poor little thing, she cant help the reflux she suffers from.  This in turn then upsets her sleeping because she cant be totally settled.  I think now the problem is that she doesn't know how to have a long sleep and hence just catnaps, for 20 -40mins at a time.

The nights are getting a little easier and she is sleeping for 4 hrs at a time.  But then some nights we go back to waking every 1 1/2 to 2 hrs.  I dread those nights and the next day is the pits.  I don't think i have ever, been so tired in my entire I look like total
Then to top all this off I have a 4yr old who constantly wants my attention, a 2 yr old who i think is just starting to try me and see what he can get away with.. Here comes the terrible  and a husband who seems to come at the end of the line at the guy!

But i look at these photos and I know it will all be worth it.  She is the most gorgeous, sweetest thing that has come into my life, i just wish i could drop her off and then pick her up after she has turned that "Magical Corner" ... ha ha

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blog Buddy

Thanks to Tracey.. ~ A Luscious Journey
i'll be your blog buddy any day!!!  ................. lol............

Cousins Playgroup

Today was our first Cousin's playgroup.  There was lots of our kids there and to think that this is only a small part of us  I only had Nic and Elise as Sam was at Kindy.
Ali had Myles and Netty had Jasmine in May, which makes Elise the oldest by about 6 weeks.

This is Tyson, he is Mark and Anette's older boy.  He was born in the December and Nic was born in the January of 2008. So they are 1 month apart and so are Elise and

My little
I love how the sun is shinning on his head, makes him look like an angel..... Which is far from the
Maya (purple Dress) is Ali's older little girl and Michaela is Rach's.  They are soooooooo cute and are two peas in a pod!

Blake is Rach's other little one, he is a big
Little Myles gave us all a few little smiles before we left.... sooooooooooo gorgeous!
Rach is due to have her 3rd child in July.  She is going to have her hands

 We are going to have another one in the holidays because Tania is coming up from Margaret River with her kids.. can't wait!

Monday, June 28, 2010

His First Play date

Sam was soooooooooooooooo excited to have his little friend Cooper over today for his first ever play date. Sam and Cooper go to Kindy together.  Connie ( coopers mum) and I have been trying to tee it up for a couple of weeks now, without much success.  You might remember back a couple of weeks ago we had all the snot bugs in our
Anyway, today was the day and the boys had such a great time playing inside with the Lego and Thomas track and then heading outside in the dirt to move rocks..??? 
It is such a gorgeous thing to think that maybe they might still be friends when they both turn 21 and even beyond!
Looking forward to tomorrow, you might remember a while back, myself and a few of my cousins all had babies around the time that Elise was born.  Well we decided to start our own cousins " playgroup" once a month.  Tomorrow is our first one..  Yay!
Expect lots of photos

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Mornings = Pancakes & Digi Scrapping

I love Sunday Mornings.  Adam always cooks the boys and I pancakes and i generally get a chance to sit at my laptop for a couple of hrs and do a bit of digi scrapping ..( if Elise is  Here are the ones i did this morning.

I also want to wish my younger brother Brett a Happy Birthday.  Hope you've had a great day. Enjoy your trip surfing next week in Indonesia.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I needed that..

lots of laughs and
I spent my first night back working one of the Friday night Moonlight crops down at Tomorrow's Memories. Evana and I had a great night. It was so good to get out of the house and dare i say it.." away from the kids.."  for a couple of

There were some of the usual crew, but also some lovely new ladies.  Looking forward to my next one in a few weeks time.  Kathy was also there doing a few of her class pieces.  The one she was working on was really beautiful. 
Here are a few more Digi layouts using my new favourite kit " Sweet Summertime".

Friday, June 25, 2010

You Capture ~ Get down low

Here is my takes on this weeks theme ~ Get down low
It is amazing how different little ones can look when you get down to their level rather than taking the photo above them.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Granny strip blanket

While blog hopping, i came across Attic 24 which is a crafty blog.  The lady had begun a gorgeous crocheted Granny strip blanket, and i thought it looked absolutely gorgeous... i can do that.. Bahaaaaaaaaaaaa.  Well i was proven wrong.  I have never crocheted before and i remember back to some of Tracey's posts on her efforts of learning to crochet and how she found it quite difficult at first, but she has been mastering it with her little squares.  So i thought the first place to go and work out how to do this isYou tube, if i can find a video that shows me how to do it, maybe i might be able to give it a go.

I cant tell you how many hundreds of times i watched the little clip trying to work out how the hell you do a double crochet stitch.. I mean hundreds of
I cant believe i am going to show you my first few attempts..( you have to promise not to laugh..)  They are unbelievably terrible..  So here is her blanket

and here is my effort...(now you are not allowed to

..her blanket...

my blanket....

"Tracey, I can hear you laughing now as you read"
So anyway after many, many, many, many goes at trying to teach myself how the hell to do a foundation stitch and a double crochet stitch, i ended up with a mass of yarn, that resembled a dog's

 But after a few days of more practise and some new wool and a smaller crochet hook, i actually haven't been doing to   Check this out!!
The great thing about the picture above is that i did it all by myself. I cant believe i taught myself  how to do   Not bad hey!!
I am having fun, learning something new, will keep you updated as to how it is going over the next few weeks.  I figured while i'm still learning, i will just do a small little rug and then will start a new one in all these beautiful colours.( These are the balls of Yarn that Attic 24 used for her rug.)

and to brighten you day, here is a picture of my gorgeous Elise

Monday, June 21, 2010

12 Weeks

Can you believe Elise is already 3 months.   She is growing so quickly, she now smiles and goos and gaas constantly.. I think she has worked out that she is going to have to if she wants to get a word in with our
                                                 She is just beautiful xxx

Meet " crabby ~ crabby " & Apple Crumble

Well after 3 fish we have decided that we can not keep fish  So on the weekend we bought the boys a crazy crab...  Sam has named him crabby ~ crabby
He got dropped by Nic yesterday, so i am not thinking he will last much longer like the fish..Whoops!

Also last night i had my family over for dinner and mum made a curry for dinner and I made my first ever Apple crumble for sweets.  It didn't turn out to badly if you ask

With warm custard it was Delicious.
Will be back later with some photos of Elise.  Can you believe that she is 3 months old today.. My god what a whirl wind of a 3 months it has been!