Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Poor baby..

Well what a whirlwind of a few days.. I have spent the last 24hrs at Princess Margaret Hospital with Elise. As i said in an earlier post our house is full of the colds and coughs at the moment. All the kids and myself are dealing with it. But yesterday morning after a very, very unsettled night Elise was going down hill fast and had a coughing fit that took her breath away. I got a bit if a scare and rushed her to PMH with Mum. After being in emergency for a while they ruled out whooping cough which was a really good thing ( she wasn't able to have her immunisation needles last week because of the cold (so she is not immunised at the moment..) but her breathing was still quite laboured. So they admitted us for the night to monitor her closely, because she is so little and can turn quite quickly.
They put a monitor on her foot to measure the oxygen levels in her body. This beeps if they drop too low or if her heart beat is too high. When she got upset, her her beat reached 230bpm. Which is very high..lol

Look at the poor little thing..
Adam came in later on the day to see her, but he had to go back home becausee Sam is still really sick with the cough and cold.  He looks so miserable. I am hoping he is going to be a little better tomorrow otherwise it is off to the doctors with him

Look at this gorgeous little pig she was given this morning from the volunteer ladies.  It is very cute.
We shared a room with a set of twin girls who both had the same viral infection and will probably be there for a few more days.  There wasn't a lot of  sleep due to all the buzzing and beeping of monitors and a very uncomfortable re-cliner chair i spent the night in, so i am looking forward to my own bed tonight.  Not sure how much sleep i will get because i will be listening out for Elise.  But we'll see!!
From the bottom of my heart i want to thank Mum  and Liz for dropping everything and coming to help me with Elise and the boys.  Adam and I are truly lucky to have you to call on.  Love you lots xx


suzitee said...

Sending lots of get well vibes your way Kris...so sorry to hear that you've all been sick! You are very lucky to have your rellies to call on in a crisis :)
Hope you are all feeling better soon xxx

Jo Kay said...

Thinking of you all Kris and hope to see you all smiling and feeling better soon.
xx Jo

Vicki said...

There mustn't be anything scarier than taking your baby to the hospital...I hope that she gets better quickly and that the rest of your family gets well again too! Take care and hope to hear some good news soon...vicki xx

Rebecca Beattie said...

Oh it is the WORST Kris ESPECIALLY when they are so little. I had Austin really sick at 2 months old and I remember just getting up most of the night to check on his breathing. Hope she and the rest of the family are on the mend quickly and you can then get some much overdue sleep. Thinking of ya xxxx