Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cousins Playgroup

Today was our first Cousin's playgroup.  There was lots of our kids there and to think that this is only a small part of us all...lol  I only had Nic and Elise as Sam was at Kindy.
Ali had Myles and Netty had Jasmine in May, which makes Elise the oldest by about 6 weeks.

This is Tyson, he is Mark and Anette's older boy.  He was born in the December and Nic was born in the January of 2008. So they are 1 month apart and so are Elise and Jasmine...lol

My little terror...lol....
I love how the sun is shinning on his head, makes him look like an angel..... Which is far from the truth..lol
Maya (purple Dress) is Ali's older little girl and Michaela is Rach's.  They are soooooooo cute and are two peas in a pod!

Blake is Rach's other little one, he is a big cutie..lol
Little Myles gave us all a few little smiles before we left.... sooooooooooo gorgeous!
Rach is due to have her 3rd child in July.  She is going to have her hands full...lol

 We are going to have another one in the holidays because Tania is coming up from Margaret River with her kids.. can't wait!

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suzitee said...

LOL Kris...we both know what a handful 3 kids are ;)
How cool to be surrounded by so many of your family.