Monday, June 28, 2010

His First Play date

Sam was soooooooooooooooo excited to have his little friend Cooper over today for his first ever play date. Sam and Cooper go to Kindy together.  Connie ( coopers mum) and I have been trying to tee it up for a couple of weeks now, without much success.  You might remember back a couple of weeks ago we had all the snot bugs in our
Anyway, today was the day and the boys had such a great time playing inside with the Lego and Thomas track and then heading outside in the dirt to move rocks..??? 
It is such a gorgeous thing to think that maybe they might still be friends when they both turn 21 and even beyond!
Looking forward to tomorrow, you might remember a while back, myself and a few of my cousins all had babies around the time that Elise was born.  Well we decided to start our own cousins " playgroup" once a month.  Tomorrow is our first one..  Yay!
Expect lots of photos

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