Monday, June 21, 2010

12 Weeks

Can you believe Elise is already 3 months.   She is growing so quickly, she now smiles and goos and gaas constantly.. I think she has worked out that she is going to have to if she wants to get a word in with our
                                                 She is just beautiful xxx


Sharon Manning said...

Gorgeous photography Kristen of a gorgeous cherub!

Vicki said...

She is simply beautiful!! Enjoy the days as they rush by... hope she is letting you get a little bit more sleep in??

suzitee said...

She is divine...and growing up so quickly!

Tracey said...

Could she get any more beautiful... of course she must take after you Kris.
Love the photo's
love me :-)

Rach said...

No, can't believe it! Time is going way too fast. Can't wait to meet her!