Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just what i needed..

A Good
I finally lost the plot last night, i was so tired and drained from the week from hell. It didn't take
But it is amazing how much better you feel after it.  It is a girl thing isn't it.
 Nic is def. feeling heaps better and just has the cough, that i think will hang around for a week or so.  Sam is still not 100%.  he still has lots of cold symptoms and the cough.  He hasn't been at Kindy all week.
Elise was running a temperature of 38.2 last night (another reason for my small little meltdown).. the thought of spending another night at the hospital on no sleep was not something that i could
Luckily after some panadol it came down to 37.3 which is still pretty high, so just have to keep an eye on her. She is still suffering terribly with her cough, and is normally heaps worse after a feed , because the milk and chesty cough is not a good mix.
So anyway.... I felt like jumping off the nearest cliff yesterday... but today is a bit of a better day and hopefully tomorrow will be a little more, So the cliff will have to wait for another day...ha ha ha (just kidding mum, i promise..)
Here are the last Photoshop friday tutorials that Jessica Sprague has been running.  I did them over the last few weeks but haven't shared them with you.
The first one taught you how to create your own digital banner.

The second one taught you how to make your own Title tag.
... and the third one showed you how to turn a photo to Black and White and then keep part of it colour.
Most of these skills i have learnt before, but they are a good way of reminding yourself about all the tricks in photoshop and you also get a quick layout done in a short amount of time!
Anyway, hopefully we can get rid of all these sick bugs in our house and start to feel better soon.  I still haven't met my new little niece because we have all been so sick and didn't want to pass them onto their family, i am really sad about that but maybe on Sunday fingers crossed!


Jo Kay said...

Hang in their Kris..... it will get better!! Please know that we are thinking of you (sending cuddles) and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help!
Jo x

suzitee said...

Sending hugs to you Kris...being a Mum can be tough sometimes, huh?

Tracey said...

Hang in their girl... it all seems really bad but it does get better (some day anyway LOL) I am thinking of you and hope things get better. Love the layouts too.
love me :-)
PS its okay to have a cry now and then.

Vicki said...

I know that you will probably get sick of people saying 'Hang in there' but it really is the only thing we can say that will hopefully get you through one day at a time....sending more cyber hugs and love to you and all your family!!!! Vicki xxx