Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chocolate Slice

After reading Susan's Blog ~ Stitch Scrap Sew ~ yesterday i had a huge craving for chocolate slice. .   lol
Now i was going to try one of Susan's recipes but i really wanted to make my aunty Kaye's chocolate slice.  I remember growing up that she would bake it and bring it to all the rellie bashes we would have.  It is my favourite.

I have to laugh though because there is a huge difference between this slice and Susan's slice...... and it is one of these......
but geez it tastes good... lol

Chocolate Slice
6 Weetbix
1 cup coconut
2 cup brown sugar
2 cup plain flour
2 Dsp Cocoa
250 grms Butter
Mix dry ingredients together
Melt marge and add to dry ingredients
Cook 10 - 12 mins in 200 degree oven
Ice while hot

But do you know what makes this post even funnier is that i decided yesterday to try and get back into my weight watchers.  While i was pregnant with Elise i put on about 11 kg's which was pretty good.   I have lost 6kg and have about 5 to go. I want to get down to about 60kg's which is what i was before i had Elise.  This was yesterday's photo...

So I'm pretty sure the fact that my slice had one of these in it....
 compared to Susan's 70 grms of butter, might not help my cause of loosing the last 5

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suzitee said...

Oh how funny! That's a BIG difference in butter, but I make it a rule when I bake...never look at what's going in! LOL...all that sugar and butter and such is just way too scary!
I pulled out my WW books last week...and then put them away again :)