Monday, February 2, 2009

Aussie 12 Hr Scrap

On Saturday, Tomorrow's Memories had their first 12 hr scrap for the year. It was an Aussie themed day and everyone was asked to get into the spirit of the day by wearing something Aussie and/or decorating a pair of Aussie thongs.
Evana and I worked from 4 - 10.30pm, which was a lot of fun.
Here is Evana, Vicki and myself..( Check out how short i am...)
I decorated my thongs with lots of different coloured ribbons. I thought they looked pretty cool.
Here are some of the ladies that put in a super effort all day and made the 12 hr scrap such a great day..
Sonya and Leah Lennie and Sue Tracey and Amanda Meredith and Penny.
Amanda and Maureen
The " Decorate your thong" Competition was a lot of fun. here are some of the entries.
The competition was won by Penny who decorated here Thongs " A home among the gum trees" and the Sydney Harbour bridge! Sensational is a ll I can.. Congrats Penny..
There was lots of Prize give-away on the day with quizzes and games.
We had Pizzas delivered for dinner which went down a treat..
Evana being the talented lady that she is, did a few show~n~tells using different products in the shop, which many of the ladies enjoyed and learnt a few handy tips and techniques.
Evana and I had such a great night. There were many laughs and giggles. We decided that we would make some L plates and wear them just in case anything went wrong. We decided that we were covered and couldn't get into trouble..
We had even practised our sad faces in case we had to go to the bosses and tell them that things went bad or the till didn't balance for the night...( Thank God it did..)
Thank you to the lovely Sonya who helped me during the night and stayed behind at the end with Evana and I. We really appreciated it!
It was such a huge success and I would definitely recommend you put your name down for the next one in May.

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