Sunday, February 15, 2009

Here is my latest effort at Photoshop!

I have been learning how to add actions to your photo shop elements 6 program. Basically what it does is adjust your photo with the touch of one button instead of heaps of changes.

I took this photo of Sam on the weekend and then added the Honey retro action to it and it just looks stunning..I think..
This is the Original
Then hey Presto....
I have also been doing a bit of scrapping but it is for classes , so i can't show you just yet!
Hope you had a great weekend..


texmorg said...

Hey Kris that looks fantastic. Ive got elements 5 can I do that honey thing on that? You are getting good at this, does this mean that you will be taking hybrid classes at the shop?
xx Linda

Vicki said...

Your Photoshop stuff is looking fantastic....can't wait to see it used on some more layouts! Thanks for helping out in the shop the last couple of weeks too! Vicki