Thursday, December 11, 2008

This brings back memories


On Tuesday we went to Mum's house for the day, which was great. Sam was getting into everything ( as usual..LOL) So mum went and got out my old dolls and pram that i used to play with when i was a little girl. I had forgotten all about them. I can remember the dolls because i think i played with them a lot, but i didn't really remember the pram.

How cute is this photo..
He looks like a little Mini Me!!

It was very cute watching Sam push them around Nanna's backyard...
I asked him , what is the baby dolls name... and he said ".... baby Jesus...."
It was very cute, can you tell we have been doing a lot of talking about Christmas..
Nic just did lots of walking and`eating the Mulch..

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suzitee said...

I think baby Jesus is kinda cute :) especially the crocheted dress.