Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Crazziness Has Begun

Tomorrow's Memories Christmas Dinner
Last night saw the staff from tomorrow's memories head to the Inglewood hotel for a lovely dinner. It was really nice to spend the evening with these ladies having many drinks and a lot of laughs.

Sonya and Tracey

Susan getting into the spirit of the evening

This is a lovely photo of Vicki ( lets just say the one's later in the evening are best kept on my camera..LOL)

Lots of Chatter..

Jo and Me!

Clori, Jo and Vicki were very kind enough to give us a little gift, and to them I say thank you.. I had my cup of tea this morning out of my gorgeous new tea cup.

Sonya and Tracey were really stoked with their Love Elsie Recipe box of Scrapping cards!

All these lovely ladies have only been in my life for such a short time, but it has been a wonderful couple of months working down at the shop and I can't wait for what next year brings for us all!


Tomorrow's Memories said...

Thanks Kris,
We had a wonderful night and enjoyed the many laughs and great conversation with you all.
See you soon,
Jo, Vicki & Clori xxx

suzitee said...

Loving these pics! What a great night with such a beautiful bunch of girls. So glad you took your camera too...any chance you could email me some photos?
Have a great day...hope you escaped a hangover :)