Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Catch-up

December Daily
Well this post is going to be pretty long, the weekend proved to be pretty busy.
December 5
December 5th was supposed to be a reminder for me to get cracking on writing some Christmas cards - but alas , I have not... ha ha ha
The journalling inside the Christmas card reads :
My true wish is for Sam and Nic to be safe and happy over Christmas and all through the year.

December 6th
For those of you have had children or who have little ones now, you would know how trying a 2 1/2 year old boy can be. It is very rare for us to have Peace and quiet in our house, as Sam is just full of energy and beans. So it was quiet refreshing to see him sitting and colouring in his new Christmas colouring book.
I do like my little cluster of goodies..
December 7th
This weekend the town of Bassendean had a festival full of, games, parades and lots of goodies. We took the boys down to have a look on Saturday night. Sam really enjoyed watching all the kids on the rides. He wasn't brave enough to go on any of them just yet, but he did have fun putting the balls into the clowns mouths, and won himself a little prize.
I then worked on Sunday down at the shop, which was good fun.

Ok ... On the back of December 7th i decided to do a little montage of Nic's walking efforts. Adam and I have decided that we can finally say he is walking because he can now get himself up off the floor on his own and off he goes. He is walking more, than crawling now and we think its pretty special, that he is only 11 months old!
December 8th
We have just had a day at home today, so i thought it would be nice to take a few photos of my favourite chrissy decorations i have put up around the house. It is very difficult to have to many things around, now that Nic is up and moving..

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