Friday, July 30, 2010

You Capture ~ Play

The theme of You Capture this week is Play.  This photo of Sam and Nic was taken of the two of them dressed up in their Spiderman Costumes.  Nanna found them in the Melbourne Markets when she was shopping with Grandma.  The boys love them.

These 2 little boys are my very own Super
I don't think that there is any kid that doesn't love dressing up in a costume and pretending they are someone else.  I love this photo of Sam perched up on the couch like Spiderman cute    :)

Head over to Beth's blog I should be folding Laundry and have a look at all the other photos from this week!


Tracey said...

Aren't we lucky. I have a super hero that lives in our house too. I love watching them all dressed up and acting out a scene that they have seen in a movie or have read about.
Love me :-)

In The Moment said...

Love the photos ... don't you just love imaginary play! My middle child wore a cape and gumboots everywhere for about a year. {ps..I have a sam and a nic