Wednesday, July 14, 2010

....Still Here

I'm still here but just been busy trying to not kill my 2 and a half yr
Sam never ever went through the so called " Terrible Twos.."  but geez Nic is giving me a run for my money.. He is exhausting me!  
It is also still the second week of the school holidays.
The best i have for you today is some pictures of Elise.  But she is getting very cute!

There you go Dad something different to look at while you eat your
Dad has been giving me heaps saying that he wanted something new to look at. He was getting bored of looking at the same photo from the last cheeky!!
Hopefully i can keep it more updated after the school holidays.  I haven't even been able to do any scrapping.  Nic is taking all of my time and energy at the I am thinking i might just go and tie him to the chair so i can get some things done.. What do you  ?


suzitee said...

LOL Kris...that MAY just work! Hope you find some time to scrap soon...hope I do too, for that matter! Hahahaha

Lynlee said...

Hi Kris, just stopped by the say Hi, and also to check out the lastest pics of Miss Elise, she is just so darn cute, she almost makes me clucky.....rofl....I did say almost.
Lynlee x

Sharon Manning said...

LOL Hang in there Mum - Sorry but he even looks like a little monkey compared to Sam.....I wonder who Elise will take after????