Sunday, July 25, 2010

Comparing Us All..

I was looking through my photo album this weekend trying to work out if Elise looks a lot like me when we are the same age ( 4 Months). I think we look similar in the eyes and nose and the lips are scarily  What do you think?  The photo of me is a scanned one, so it is not the best quality but it's the best i could find!

This is a photo of Adam.  I am not really sure what age he is here.  I will have to ask him Mum.  ( He was born in 1974)..But he looks similar in age to the rest of us. Maybe a little older because he is on his dad's shoulders.   No wonder i married him look how cute he was even back
Then it got me thinking how similar all my kids look to each other.  Sam and Elise are definitely similar in looks.  When Elsie was born, you could of sworn she was a mini Sam.  Nic has always had a different look.  He has more of his dad in him than the other two.    People say my boys look similar at the age they are now, but i think they look different.  Maybe that's because i see them everyday and i know their different personalities.

So here they all are at about the same age of 4 Months, give or take a few

~ NIC ~


Jessica Sprague's new Beginner classes have been revamped and this is the first layout from a set of 4.  I know I have already down the beginner classes.  But it is always good to go back and refresh your skills.  I would really recommend her classes if you are keen to learn a little bit about Digi Scrapping.

So there you have
Hope you are having a good weekend!

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Tracey said...

Its so great to be able to look back and see the changes. Where would we be without photo's???
Love the digi stuff, so going to try and learn that this year.
love me :-)