Friday, July 23, 2010


I mentioned earlier in the week that i was going to show you the pictures of my new bedroom.  I didn't really know what i wanted for my birthday, but i really wanted my bedroom painted and freshened  up a little.  So Adam painted it a couple of weekends ago and i went and bought the new bed spread and picture frames for my birthday.  Adam's family gave me the lamp and teal pillow.  I think it looks fantastic!.  i didn't do too badly, but i cant say i will be going into interior designing anytime
Ok here is the before shot~  Don't you just love the apricot walls. ( I have wanted to paint them since we moved in a year ago..)
We have got some new blinds coming aswell, but i have to wait about 3 weeks for them!

Here is the finished product ~

I think i love the picture frames the best, because i can interchange them as the kids grow up.!
The kids are now banned from my new, clean  But every time, i try and go and have 5 mins to myself in there.. i seem to have 4 little feet following behind me..

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Tracey said...

Just love the new bedroom/sactuary LOL. You did a great job.
My favourite part is probably the frames as well, mind you I do like that bed spread.
love me :-)