Friday, July 2, 2010

Random stuff

You would of thought after the Vicks incident yesterday, that Nic would of stayed out of mischief.. but alas   He got into Sam's textas and bit the top off the blue one..grrrrrrrr!
I made my first meatloaf the other night and it was not a success.  In fact it was pretty disgusting.   It needed a lot more herbs and flavour.  lol..... It was so bad that Adam even asked if it was ok, he wouldn't be taking it to lunch the next

Here are a few digi layouts this week.  All very different!
and finally..... look how my rug is coming along.  Pretty good don't you think.  For my first ever effort at crocheting, I'm not doing too badly.  lol.... just don't look too closely.
I'm glad its Friday. I made it through another  We are off for another play date today. 
Have a great day!

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