Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Rocketship

Well, it wasn't a ROCKETSHIP, it was infact an ambulance.

Poor Nic woke up last night with that terrible dreaded croup cough,  He had it quite badly once before when he was 9 months.  I heard him at about 10.30pm last night. I had just fed  Elise at about 10ish and he started coughing.  You can;t mistake the barking croup cough, but within the space of 10 minutes where i decided i  was going to drive him into PMH, we had to ring an ambulance.  He started coughing to the point where he was choking and vomiting on his spit ( sorry about that gross and his top lip was turning blue.  I said to adam i don't care just ring the ambulance there was no way in the world that i would of been able to drive him to the hospital in the state that he was in..let alone the worried state that i was in.  I remember my cousin Tania telling me once to take him to the Bathroom and turn the hot water on full speed, to create steam. So i did that and it seemed to help a little.
The ambo ladies that came were so lovely.  As we were driving to PMH, Nic was trying to say...I'm in a was quite funny

Croup is one of those dreaded viral infections going around at the moment and after giving him some nurofen and steroids to loosen his airways to help him breathe he was much better.  Those steroids are amazing, they work so quickly,  and as you can see he was much better at about 2am and we could go home. He still doesn't look the best in his face in the photo below.

I swear to god nothing keeps this kid down! 
He is pretty tired today and hasn't left my side too much but he's a lot better today.
(the picture of the ambulance is one we passed as we were leaving the hospital on the way home, its not the one we travelled in.. I was slightly stressed on our way there to worry about always good to have my little point and shoot camera in my

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Jo Kay said...

Oh Kris!!!! You are having a bad run at the moment aren't you!! I am sending you a big hug and hope that things settle down for you soon.
Luv Jo x