Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Planting Strawberries


On Sunday, Adam took Sam to Bunnings to give me a break for an hour and they came back with a few pots of strawberries.

It was very cute that afternoon to watch them plant and water their new strawberries..

Don't you just love the gloves!!

and........... Tip!!

Nic came to check it all out!!
He definately wants to be included in everything now.... there is no stopping him, that's for sure.. Add some water... and Hey presto... Strawberries, ready to grow... Hopefully i can post at a later date when we pick our first strawberry... How exciting is it going to be to scrap these photos.. I can't wait to do it!!
I love watching Adam play with Sam, it is so lovely to watch them interact and Sam just loves his Dad...
In other news, I went and did a class last night at Tomorrow's memories, that Tracey had organised and i just loved my page that I completed, I will post the layout tomorrow, it's too dark to take a photo now! (Thank you Susan for helping stick down all my journalling)
I am half way through a Christmas layout for the shop that I will also post tomorrow!!
Very exciting news...................... Nic learnt to Clap today!!!!! Yipppppeeeeeee.....

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suzitee said...

YAY...I can see! LOL. Love the template for the blog...awesome. Glad I got to see the finished result of your double LO. See you soon xxx