Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween


Are you scared yet?? ha ha ha, Happy Halloween. I know it's an American tradition, but this year`I have decided to get into the spirit of things and tonight i am going to the Halloween Moonlight scrap down at Tomorrow's Memories, where Tracey has gone to a lot of effort to organise a Halloween themed night. I know she has organised lots of little Trick and TREATs throughout the night and I am really looking forward to it!!
We have to make sure that we are dressed up for the evening, so I'm going as a witch!!

I will definitely take heaps of photos and share them with you tomorrow..

Speaking of Tomorrow's Memories, If you live in Perth, they have got some Amazing Specials beginning today and I would definitely recommend you go and check them out.. Lots of bargains to be had!!

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