Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Morning Tea

Holiday Catch-up
Every Holidays i try to catch up with all my cousins and their little kids. Unfortunately Rach with Michaela and Netty with Tyson couldn't come today. Tan and the kids went home on Sunday to Margaret river so they couldn't be there either...But Sam was very excited to have his second Cousin Pierce over to play.

They had a little picnic out on the back lawn for morning tea..

It was then straight into the sandpit..

back for more food... As boys do!!

Mum bought Matt over for morning tea as well. The poor guy dislocated his shoulder again on Sunday ( trying to get a ball out of a tree, that he had kicked in there...) He is in a huge amount of pain and may have to have surgery, he's off to the physio tonight!!

Matt and aunty Cath, having a cuppa..
Mum bought over some licorice all sorts.. I haven't had these for ages.. gee they were yummy..

My gorgeous aunty Cath came over for a cuppa as well. She just loves catching up with all the babies and kids, and they love her too.
Poor Pierce ended up with a bump on his head, after falling off the slide.. OUCH!!
Nic, was there and so was Mum, Kendra and I but no pictures of us..ha ha ha( next time!!)
Hope you all had a great day.. Hopefully going to scrap tonight so I'll have something to show tomorrow!! ( Still haven't finished Sam's little album, - I'm onto it!!!)

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