Friday, October 3, 2008


Well i decided today that i needed some new bras... I swear that my boobs were sitting on me knees ( after breast feeding both boys..things were looking grim...) and the time had come for me to buy some new bras. So today i went to the Triumph shop at Morley Galleria and splurged on about $ 300.00 worth of Bras and underwear. There is some lovely underwear in there..

Here is some photos of me burning one of my old bras..ha ha ha

It felt awesome to burn, these old, ugly maternity bras..

Here are some photos of my favourite pair of bras and knickers..

GORGEOUS.. aren't they!!

I also bought a black bra and a cream bra with underwear to match.

I've never been much of a matching girl but i have decided that the time has come to MATCH!!!


Vicki said...

You go girl!!! Love the bra burning!!! See you soon...vicki

Jo Kay said...

Hilarious Kris and I must say the new ones look mighty fancy!!!
Jo :)