Sunday, October 10, 2010

Where has my Baby gone?

( Journaling reads... " The other day Adam said to me, Nic is such a little boy now... It got me thinking where has my baby gone.  You are so independent and strong these days.  You want to do everything by yourself, but you still love to have cuddle on my lap.)
Nicholas is growing up so quickly right before my very eyes.  He is nearly 3, but i swear he thinks he is older than Sam... Can do everything Sam can do (... if not better and   He is funny little thing.  He is so strong and solid right now... He could literally eat me out of the cupboard if i let him.   He loves his DVD's and would watch them from sun up to sun down if he was allowed.  His favourites are Monsters Inc, Monsters V's Aliens, Stuart Little, TMNT and The Incredibles.  He loves his "cheeky girl".. and would give Elise at least a hundred kisses a day (... well maybe not that many, but you get the  He still has his Dummy and Lamby.. Im planning on getting rid of the dummy very soon.  He wears jocks most of the day, but still a nappy for sleep.  He is a very mischievous little thing and is always climbing or getting into things he knows he shouldn't. He then chooses to ignore me when i tell him not to, or looks the other way thinking that i wont see him or stop telling him
Some days i wish for my baby back and then other times I look at you with such love and wonder whats in store for you next... Love you Nic xx

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Tracey said...

How true are those words. My "little boy" will be eight years old in just 7 days. I am also asking where has my baby gone.
Love me :-)