Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weight Watchers..

Do you remember a while back there was a photo taken of me that when i looked at it, i went ..."ugggh, i need to get back to weight watchers"..
Well I am happy to say that since that photo was taken i have lost 6.9 kgs.. and have about 3kgs to go .. It actually hasn't been too bad. Ive just tried really hard to eat properly and get out for a walk or ride at least every second day.  It's got to the point where i miss my walks if i don't get to go figure !!!!
( Lesley i can hear you
This Saturday i am walking around the river for the Juvenile Diabetes cause.. Its 7kms.. And then on the 31st October is the big 15km's for PMH.. Should be fun!


Sharon Manning said...

WooHoo good for you!

suzitee said...

Well done's not an easy thing to do, but so worth it!

Tracey said...

Oh I wish I had know you were doing the walks... I was looking for someone to walk with.
love me :-)
... you look great keep up the hard work.

Lesley said...

You look fabulous, great work (again!!). Miss you xox