Monday, October 18, 2010

A Busy 3 Days ...

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were some really busy days for us.
On Friday the kids and i spent the morning down at Liz's house.  We went to the Bibra lake park with her neighbour Lisa, Ari and Eamon.  The boys had a great play, and then spent some time counting all the Was very cute :)

 Then Saturday we went to Brendan's 3rd Birthday.  The poor little guy had to celebrate his birthday with a broken foot.  I think he had a great morning though with all his little friends and cousins.

Then on Sunday i joined my neighbour Lynn and her Friend Deb to participate in the Walk for a Cure - Juvenile Diabetes.  Was such a gorgeous morning to walk around the river.  It did get a bit hot towards the end though.  Looking forward to our next one in 2 weeks time!

So i was in bed early last

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Tracey said...

Loved reading about your weekend. If ever you need a walking partner please let me know.
love me :-)