Monday, October 4, 2010

Busy day

I had a really busy day on Sunday.  In the morning i went to a Breast Cancer Fundraising Brekky at my Neighbours House.  Was a really lovely morning.
We all had to wear pink.  I had to go and buy a T-shirt because i actually don't own much pink.  I did love Elise's little pink tutu though.  Congrats to Sarah and Lynn who organised it. I think they raised over 200 dollars.

Then in the arvo we had my dad's family footy tipping wind-up. Its just a whole lotta fun where we find out the scores and who came first second and third.  Well done to Mum this year she came first!!!!  My brother and i came second and third, just not sure what order There is a re-count going as we

 My Aunty Cath and Sam were mucking around bringing in the cup for the presentations... We have so much fun!!
 Here's Dad reading out all the scores.. Love everyone sitting and

 Well Done Mum... You were a great Winner!

So that was Sunday... Can't wait for today my cousin is coming up from Margaret River for 3 days.. I love it when she comes up.. I miss her lots x

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Tracey said...

loving that tutu. And what a great way to end the footy season, a family footy windup, love it.
Love me :-)