Monday, July 13, 2009

Well Adam and I are slowing coming down off cloud nine after selling our house so quickly and for such an amazing price. The reality of having to pack up our house is setting in.. LOL ... We now have a settlement date of the 21st August, so that gives me about 6 weeks to pack up our house.. I think I can do it??? If anyone wants to help, let me know...ha ha ha Just kidding, I figure if i just do a box or two every now and then or clean and tidy out a cupboard of things that i won't need every few days, it shouldn't be too much.

Here are a few digi layouts I have done.

The latest 2 lessons over at the Jessica Sprague site was learning how to add a mask to a photo( Lion) and then blending textures over a photo ( Nic beach). I am really enjoying learning all these techniques, some I still need to refine and prac.

I am teaching a kids class done at Tomorrow's memories on Tuesday, looking forward to it.
Have a good week!

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