Sunday, July 19, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Well what a great weekend I have had so far. Friday night i went out to dinner with Deb, Rach, Kelly and gabby(taking photo). We went to Cafe Martino in Mount Lawley for a nice dinner.. Lots of laughs and chatter..

Rach and I..

Deb and Kelly..
Saturday Arvo I worked down at the shop for a couple of hours. there was 16 ladies down there doing a class int he afternoon. Everyone had a great time. Sonya and I were taking photos of them. Sonya happened to snap one of me!!

Then Saturday night Derek (FIL) and I went to watch the Dockers play. I have loved the Dockers since they began, so before you start telling me how much of a bad team they are...

Dad and Mum and Aunty Cath and Uncle John were also there..

Check out the rain at half time, it was huge!

Today I turn 33.. We have both our Families coming over for dinner, so i am really looking forward to that. Hope you have a great day too.

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suzitee said...

A very happy birthday TO YOU! Hope you have a wonderful day...try to stay dry xxx