Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Today Sam had his last day at Gym for the term. He loves it so much and looks forward to going every week. Today he was able to bring a friend along so he bought Reuben. Nic was also able to have a go and absolutely loved it. So i can see next term i might have to enrol them both. I will warn you now that there are a heap of photos today..( sorry)



He loved doing roly poly's the best!!

I can't believe how brave Nic was on all the equipment. he just loved it.. You wouldn't think he was onl 18 months old..LOL

Reuben and Keira loved it as well

Sam getting his certificate.. So cute!

My very own Monkey Man.

I think Sam's favourite thing was the beam.

Both the boys are in bed asleep.. I guess they are exhausted LOl...
Hope you are having a good day!

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Lynlee said...

Hey Kris, just popped in to say Hi *waving*. Can't believe how grown up your gorgeous boys are looking :) Great photo's BTW. Might catch up with you at camp??? I think Marg said you are going. Have a great day. Lynlee x