Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Busy Week ..

Can you believe this little man is already 18 months old. It has gone so quickly.. Nicholas John is such a classic.. Let's just say that this little boy has trouble written all over him!!

Sam is good. Loves going to gym and playing with his friend Reuben.

Here is the first lesson in the new Jessica Sprague Photo and Frame-up series of classes..
Well our house is now officially up for sale!! You can check it out Here
Hope you are having a good week, ours is still crazily (... is that even a word??...) busy..


Sharon Manning said...

Love your "homework" for the Jessica Sprague course. I hope to have some time tomorrow to start mine. Good luck with the House sale!

RebeccaB said...

hi, i read your comment on scrappy bugs post with her silvery moon digi kit.....if you are looking for other aussie digiscrappers/designers come along to my blog....i'm from western vic and have heaps of freebies on my blog too....your kids are gorgeous and your layouts are fabulous....have a nice day...go and check out my blog....

Scrappy Bug said...

Thanks for swinging by my blog! (I just saw Rebecca's already been here!!! I was going to suggest you go visit her... she does AMAZING work!)

Why is it, that Aussie's are so few and far between online?!!

:) Have a great week
from scrappy-bug

Tracey said...

Hi Kris,
How are going, long time no see. Loving the layouts and the digi stuff. I will have to catch up and chat to you about the digi stuff. It looks so good.
Love me :-)