Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bali Wedding

Do you want to check out where i am staying when Adam and I go to Bali in Dec / Jan 2010.
My brother ( Brett) and Maggie are getting married there on the 29th Dec and we are sharing this villa with Mum and Dad and Matt and Renee. I must say it keeps me going when I have my head in a cupboard, packing my millionth box for the day...LOL


suzitee said...

Again...can you come and pack for me? Please? I'm getting nowhere! Very jealous about the trip to Bali, you will have a ball. Are the boys going too?

Tomorrow's Memories said...

Ohh Kris - did I tell you I was coming with you!!!!! The bath with the red and white petals in it..... They are for me!!!!!
It all looks sooooo wonderful - lucky you!!
Jo xx

Sharon Manning said...

I'm glad you can't see how green I am! LOL Wow it's amazing - keep packing those boxes and it will be here in no time.