Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Photos & Digi Layouts

Sorry these 2 photos are out of order... my computer won't let me fix it.. Grrrrrr

Julie( Pink Pj's) and Leonie( blue top) came from over east to spend the weekend scrapping with all of us.
Rach and Corrina were our table buddies, they were a lot of fun!

Here is a Digi layout i did using one of the photos I took on the weekend. It talks about meeting some of these ladies "In Real Life"..

This layout is using photos I took of the boys smelling one of the roses i grew in my garden.( which is a small feat in it's self...ha ha ha)

Here are some photos from the weekend..

My drinking buddy Kylie ( we started at 10.50am on Saturday morning.. had to beat last years time of 11am...LOL)

Lynn and Marg ( owns CPC)

This is the gorgeous Barbie.. She is such a sweet lady. Lynn and I stayed at Barbie's house in the evening's, and we are very thankful for that..

Adam is away again this week, in Melbourne for work.. So it's just me and the boys.
I have packed 3 more boxes, so that is 17 in total and i don't think i have even made a dent in it..


Mish said...

so I am not worth a mention... LOL

Mrs Frizz said...

Well aren't you lot all gorgeous ...

Cracker pics and you will all have special memories.

Susan C said...

I'm so jealous you got to meet these lovely ladies and scrap in person. Oh well .... maybe one day.